Monday 20 April 2015

Could you be a model for this University student?

Yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon in the company of Christoph Soeder, a University of South Wales student of photography.

In the third year of his degree, Christoph is preparing for his final exhibition, the last project before he qualifies later this year. One of the key projects in his degree was a 'Barber Shop' portraiture series, focussing on male haircuts and their effect on identity. Called 'clear-cut', it was presented as an accordion book and was a project that Christoph particularly enjoyed. For his final project, he decided to extend this photographic style, creating a juxtaposition between the barber pictures and those without hair, suffering from hairloss. His chosen subjects? Individuals with alopecia.

If you feel up to taking part in his project, letting him photograph you with gorgeous make-up, a bare head and a vibrant back-drop, Christoph is looking for additional models over the next three weeks. Due to his base in South Wales and his need to cover as many individuals as possible, his preference is for people to come forward in South Wales, The Midlands or The South-West, which are all easily accessible for him.

Whilst it's a little awkward sat on a chair in front of a screen and smiling on cue, it was a really lovely way to spend an afternoon. Christoph is intelligent, chatty and lovely and very passionate about what he does! I'm hoping I did his project justice, and that he doesn't opt for the one where I'm about to sneeze ;-) As soon as I have a copy of his favourite picture, I promise to share it with you, but in the meantime, here's a picture of me and my make-up:

Initially, the images will only be used for Christoph's University project and you of course will be given a copy of the image for personal use. Any usage/publication beyond that will be subject to individual consent after having seen their images.

Please visit in case you would want to find out more about Christoph's work.

If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with Christoph directly:

One final point, if you're not in the regions specified, it's worth getting in touch anyway, as Christoph may consider extending the project even after his final University project is over.

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