Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Meet Miss April - The very gorgeous Julie... #PrettyBald #Calendar

We of course cannot let this month pass by without mentioning the very gorgeous and lovely Julie (Juliana), our Miss April.

Julie is the epitome of hairloss 'success' if you can call it thay; someone who has battled the demons associated with hairloss and emerged as a gorgeous butterfly, full of confidence and at her happiest! You might have spotted her in Sunday People telling others of her story, but if you didn't, don't forget to give it a read...

Julie is 52, and has been a mental health nurse since the age of 18 (kudos). She has been a sufferer of Alopecia Areata for much of her life, with bouts at the age of 12 and 16 initially. Steroid Injections did the trick and then Julie went unaffected until the age of 32, getting progressively worse until not only was her hair affected, but her confidence and self-esteem too. The hairloss ultimately led to a divorce at 43 as she hit rock-bottom.

Slowly, engaging with her hairloss, telling others and slowly coming to accept it, made her a stronger, happier person. She met a new man, who accepted her as she was without the hair and they married in 2012. Since then, she's embraced the hairloss, going wig-free after the Alopecia UK Liverpool Flashmob and even opting for a gorgeous floral tattoo on her head (ouch)! She's vivacious, funny, charming and a delight and her story is one of personal tradegy and ultimate happiness which I believe is possible for anyone!

Well done Julie

Victoria x

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