Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A bit about me... #bald #hairloss #alopecia

I've had an email from one of our new readers to say there wasn't very much about me! Ooops! I thought the simplest thing to do was to write a profile about myself, but then it dawned on me how hard it is to write about yourself AND keep it interesting! Well, here goes nothing...

My name is Victoria (obvs) and I am an Alopecian! I have Alopecia Universalis and have had for four years! My hair started falling out on the 4th Feb 2011; I was sat in a client meeting and ran my fingers through my hair, stumbling across a bald patch on the left hand side of my head. It was no bigger than a five pence piece, but still my breath caught and I couldn't wait to be out the meeting to check it out. 

At first, I chatted with mum and we agreed to keep an eye on it and monitor what was happening, rather than go into all out panic! A few weeks later the patch had doubled in size and had been joined by three more. Five more patches later and we decided it was probably time to visit the doctor who diagnosed suspected Alopecia Areata and referred me to a Dermatologist! From there, my story is probably very similar to others; I was advised there was little they could do, although I was prescribed some steroid injections into the patches; for a short time it worked and I did experience some re-growth around those specific areas, but alas the rest of my hair fell out faster than those patches grew! As an aside, I'd advise people to very carefully consider those injections; it's safe to say they are incredibly painful and only really help if the rest of your hair stays put! Don't be put off them, but do think carefully before jumping in feet first! 

Anyway, it took nine months for the hair on my head to fall out and a further six for the hair on my body! Now all that remains is a patch on one leg, a few underarm hairs and of course the one stubborn hair that used to live between my eyebrows! *Sighs*

I have definitely come to terms with my Alopecia, am the proud owner of a huge wig collection and general lover of life! Of course I still have my bad days, but when I do, these two beauties keep me going...! Mostly that's because I have to walk and feed them and they simply won't take no for an answer! ;-) 

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