Saturday, 24 January 2015

"Today I felt like getting my hair done.."

This really made me chuckle; logging on to Facebook the other day, I spotted a status from one of my fellow alopecians saying "Today I felt like getting my hair done... Oh well!" My first reaction was to laugh and my second was to fondly reminisce about the days of being able to visit a hairdresser!

Now in comparison to my age, I've not really had alopecia that long! I'm 25 and I've only had the condition for four years! Believe it or not, when I had hair I was very reserved with it; I didn't dye it or perm it or anything damaging, but I still loved my six-weekly trip to the hairdressers! My hair was pretty perfect (if I say so myself); it wasn't straight and it wasn't curly and it behaved itself beautifully! The hairdresser would shape it nicely, and away I'd go - a quick wash in the shower, a brush and I'd leave it to dry naturally. Anyway I digress - back to the hairdresser! My hairdresser was always my hairdresser - from my first haircut at 18 months to my last at 21, he's the only person to touch my hair! Weird huh!

Going to the hairdresser was one of my favourite things - the relaxing head massage, the gorgeous smelling products, the combing, snipping and shaping, the blow-dry, the glamorous style and the walk out the door feeling a shinier, more fetching version of myself! In fact, oddly, now I have become fully-accustomed to being a baldie, it's one of those things I really, truly miss! It's irreplaceable! Nothing can fake that feeling!

I guess it is what it is, and if my only moan is that I can't go to the hairdresser, then I guess I am doing pretty well! Who know's one day, if my hair comes back, I'll be straight to the hairdresser for that missing feeling, but if it doesn't, I'm pretty sure I'll survive and I guess this really is a #FirstWorldProblem...

Victoria x
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