Friday, 23 January 2015

Welcoming our first regular blogger... Jen

As you might well have read in our previous post on our plans, we're working to create a volunteer blogging collective who will share tips, ideas, experiences etc. that hopefully you'll love to read! Now really, we can't be a collective until we have a number of bloggers regularly contributing, but we have to start somewhere!

On that note, we're really pleased to introduce our very first volunteer... Jen

After undergoing medical treatment, Jen developed Alopecia in November 2011 as a result of the stress on her body! It took her a month to lose the hair on her head, followed by her eyebrows and eyelashes a month later. At the moment, Jen wears wigs or hats as she hasn't quite got to the stage of being a #BareHeadedBeauty, but she says she really admires those that don't!

She has a son who thinks nothing of her alopecia and simply takes it in his stride! She's also lucky enough to have a support network of friends and family as well as a fiancé who has been her rock! It's worth a mention that Jen is a huge fan of body art and currently has 13 tattoos; she's hoping her next one will be on her head!

Jen is the first blogger to join her ranks and is happy to answer any specific questions you may have! She'll be posting her first blog too and we'll be sure to let you know when she does! In the meantime, here's a picture of herself she really loves, just so you can put a face to the name!

Victoria x
Twitter: @PrettyBald

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