Friday, 30 January 2015

The step up to wigs....

So I'm gonna talk wigs. Not so much what wig to buy or how to get one as that's a whole different area.

This is about my personal view on making the step up from headscarves and hats to wigs.

It's a huge one to make and i found it took me ages. When my hair fell out it was mid November so it was hat weather. I had a couple but remember the Monday after I'd shaved what little hair i had left off, I went to my local high street and went to Claires accessories and got a blue beret type hat ( to this day it's my favorite) . I then bought around 10 from primark. But i was still really paranoid people knew i had no hair. I then dabbled in headscarves that are designed for hairloss but after a few comments That they made me look like i had cancer which,  although i am more than confident to shake them off now, really upset me and i wasn't ready to go without a wig yet.

So a few weeks later i decided to get a wig. I live in East London and there are a good few afro carribean cosmetic places that sell wigs. Now they are synthetic hair and around 20-30 pounds but at that point i was happy with that.

I still remember standing in the shop with my fiancĂ© (always take someone with you- moral support)  and not knowing where to start. When i lost my hair it was short but ended up with a long brown tumbling curls number which i adored. I remember having tears in my eyes as i tried it on. It felt like my hair.

I was petrified about going to pick my son up as couldn't face people's comments but i decided if i was going to wear it i had to own it. I didn't play with it or mention it and everyone mentioned how lovely it looked. After a while i got used to it and i bought several in different colours. I remember i graduated uni that year and had to keep changing my cap size beacause i kept changing my wig!.

Now i have around 4 or five all in the same style and no one ever says anything. I have one friend who forgets it's even a wig.
One way I've found to help me is to tell myself as long as it's on my head it's my hair. And be daring! Just think you can be any colour or style you've ever dreamed of and you get to change as you please! 

And remember,  it's your choice. It is a huge step to wear a wig. Make sure you feel comfortable. There are services around that offer consultations and have wigs in all sorts of styles. But do it when you are ready.

But whenever you do make the step i promise you you'll get there and no matter if you do or don't wear a wig you're still gorgeous!

Jenny x

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