Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A really sad problem for #BaldHeadedBeauties

Losing your hair is tough and anyone that tells you otherwise probably hasn't experienced it first hand. There are things which can help, like wigs, headscarves and hats, but not everyone feels comfortable using these! There are then those who elect to become a #BaldHeadedBeauty, braving the bald come rain or come shine*!

A very interesting side-effect of losing your hair (at least in my opinion) is society's reaction to it; some people take it in their stride, some will stop and stare, but for some reason, for many, baldness seems to come with a sign that says "Talk to me; I'm dying to hear your opinion!" Whether you are male or female without hair, your lack of luscious locks seems to generate a talking point. Meeting one chap a few weeks ago, he said in his experience losing his hair opened him up to bald jokes and people pointing out he was going bald; in his words, whilst he doesn't particularly mind nowadays, he knows he is balding and if you advised someone they were fat, there would be uproar! Personally, I don't have a huge issue with the comments, because I have taken a personal stance to take the time to explain and educate, raising a little bit more awareness, but I really appreciate those who find it difficult.

On Facebook, I am connected to many suffering with Alopecia and other forms of hairloss. A couple of days ago, I saw a story from a friend who had been approached in a public place (with her young daughter) and told her hairloss was all her own fault and she needed to look after her health and diet better. Nope; pretty sure that's not what's behind the alopecia! Unfortunately, this is more common than it sounds and I recently read an article about a young lady in New Zealand with a similar experience...

As a hairdresser, losing her hair was pretty traumatic, but something she took in her stride. Straight away, she opted to be a #BaldHeadedBeauty, embracing her hairloss and going hair free. Four years later, she's taken the very tough, very personal decision to start wearing wigs; whilst many people go the other way, her decision has been born and triggered by the sheer level of comments and feedback she received. In the article, she described the fact she doesn't want to be accused of 'hiding behind her wigs', but she's struggled with the number and variety of comments; it wasn't that they were even negative, just the number of times a day she had to explain her look and her condition! Whilst on the one hand, this approach has meant she's spent four years educating and raising awareness of the condition, just because of how she looks, I can also empathise with the amount of energy and time required to make all these explanations! What a sad and very tough choice she's had to face!

I totally get the fascination - as a species our curiosity seems naturally endless, and I bet if people thought they were creating a problem they'd be mortified - but it's hard to imagine the endless questions the #BaldHeadedBeauty face!

Sometimes, I wish there was a simpler way to explain that didn't have require so much effort and energy!

In the meantime, for those who do want to opt for the bald, don't be afraid - I've regularly gone out bald and whilst I don't do it all the time, my experience is that the comments aren't that common! I think in part, a job like hairdressing makes it worse, putting you in the limelight!

What about your own experiences? How have they been?

Victoria x

*We advise you gorgeous baldies to wear suncream if the sun is shining! A tomato head is not comfortable - trust me, I know! Twitter: @PrettyBald

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