Monday, 16 March 2015

#WigWorry? Nights out...

A lot of people have a #WigWorry, from whether it looks good, to whether it's secure! Along the way, we'll try to avert your wig fears and tell you of our own experiences! If you've got one you want to share, or want us to talk about, please tweet us or email us.

My first #WigWorry is appearance...

Is a wig realistic? Will people notice? Will I still look as nice? Now obviously, I can't comment on the wig you are opting for / actually wear, however wigs are definitely something you should invest time, money and effort in; a good one will look ultra-glam and it's unlikely that ANYONE will notice it's a wig! Most people will simply comment on how nice your hair is and where you had it done - the biggest challenge you'll face is how to answer this and how much you're prepared to reveal!

This weekend, I went out clubbing with the bestie - I opted for my red fitted jumpsuit (think Wonder Woman or The Incredibles), my sleek brown bob and a fairly natural make-up look! In I strolled in my four inch, silver killers heels, feeling confident and glam and uber swish!

About halfway through the night, a particularly bubbly and happy chappy started staring at me! The stare went on a few seconds longer than was comfortable; I started to be concious - had my wig slipped, was it obvious, did I look somehow odd? A quick glance in the mirror confirmed it was still in place and looked as I expected, so did it just look fake? A few seconds later, all was revealed - over he strolls and says how lovely look (*blushes*), then he has the cheek to ask my age! Being the honest person I am, I tell the truth (the grand old age of 25 folks) and he looks at me in astonishment - "I didn't expect that" he says "I'm 19. Good on you for still being out at your age!"

So there you have it folks; my worst fears about my wig weren't realised! Nope, it's not about the way my wig looks; it's not that I didn't look like me! Instead, now I have something new to focus on - the fact that frankly, I'm apparently too old to venture into a club!

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