Monday, 23 February 2015

Bloomin' Hair!

Welcome !! today's date is 22/02/15

Ah ! So, this is my first blog. I  must say I am dead excited to be one of the new bloggers for That aside , I've have never written for anything like this before, especially something that involves me sharing my deepest, darkest thoughts. Here's hoping I do a good job.

So, as Victoria mentioned, in the lovely introductory blog about myself , I am a newbie when it comes to alopecia totalis and  tomorrow is the day I shave away the last remains of my 'hair'. I'm currently sporting a 'Gollum' ( from lord of the rings ) look, so I'll be happy to see it go.

 I gotta say that the last week or so I've been putting on a brave face. I knew this day was coming so I am well prepared for it. I am a little worried, that I shall be looking like a look-a-like for Shrek with my one ear that sticks out and my other which is practically glued back due to old surgery's! Never the less , it will be a whole load of my mind.
The worst thing about Alopecia for me is that I've had to watch my hair fall out on a day-to-day basis. Coming back from my Cyprus adventure into the arms of my current boyfriend ( who I met out there) and family, I couldn't of been happier. So what happened? Maybe something in the universe is giving me a lesson? or maybe its a sign.....a new door opening for new opportunities? I guess that's how I like to see it anyway. I believe that sometimes in life you just need to try and shrug things of. (coming from the person who has cried hysterically , for almost 2 months now.) Thing is, you can't sit around and think  'why is this happening to me?' 'Why me, why me ?' Because ,you will only drive yourself crazy.

So.... going from big hair to...

...This mess, I think its about time to just say.....OK..  'Time to say goodbye' in what is obviously a dramatic Sarah Brightman style of send off, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

23rd Monday February 2015 .
A matter of minutes after the head shave.

Well iv done it , the hair is off ! I must say , running my hands through my new found stubble , it feels as though I have load's more hair than when I had those 'gollum' strands.
I did have a cry , I won't sugar coat that however I do feel liberated by what I have Achieved. As it's only been minutes since the shave , I shall leave you with a picture of my new look, whilst I go and celebrate with a bottle of win and a Chinese with my incredible family.

All the best
Danielle x Twitter: @PrettyBald