Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Measuring your #eyebrows; sleek chic not clown frown...!

Now, eyebrows are a devilish fiend and it can be really difficult to create them! There are plenty of shapes you can create and plenty of products to use, but first things first, you need to work out where they should go and how big they should be. There's a really simple three step trick which can show you where they need to be on your face. You can choose style, thickness and colour as you like, then apply them as follows:

Step 1:

Take an eyebrow pencil or something with a straight edge and place it at the side of your nose, vertically up your face, past the inside of your eye like this:

This gives you the start of the eyebrow. Mark it with a little dot where your natural brow line would be. You need to position the dot either at the top, middle or bottom of where you want the brow, then remember where you put it.

Step 2:
Take the eyebrow pencil again and line it up with the corner of your nose (edge of the nostril) and the outside corner of your eye like this:

This gives you a mark for the end of the eyebrow. Again, mark it with a little dot as a reference - put it in line with the dot on the left; i.e. if you marked the bottom of your brow last time, do the same this time.

Step 3:
Measure the arch and find it's highest point. To do this, take the pencil again and hold it vertically to your face. Look straight ahead and line it up with your pupil, straight through the centre of the iris. Place a third dot slightly higher than the others so that you have the arch. Like this:

The third marker simply provides a reference point for where the highest part of the arch should be; where it should rise to and fall from. As before, position it in the same way as the other dots - if you picked the bottom of the brow, make this the bottom of the arch and so on. How high you make it will be personal preference and you can try a few different points to see what works best. 

Finally, using the three dots join them up in your chosen style, colour and shape. I promise we'll do another post with some fab products and styles when we get a chance! Using the above method however is the perfect guide to the positioning and size so that you can concentrate on the style and application! 

In this photo, I have exaggerated the eyebrow - I don't normally wear them this harsh or dark but I wanted you to be able to see it in the photos! Also not wearing any make-up which is scary ;-)

A very good friend of mine taught me this and she's a make-up artist! I use it all the time, particularly now my eyebrow tattoos are fading! 

Hope it helps!

Victoria x

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  1. Wow this brought back some memories for me, Its the way I do my brows and it works wonderfully. I was taught this method a long time ago and still use it today, over the years I've had no brows and some brows, with my Alopecia, so find I always have to use brow pencil when I make up.