Thursday, 12 February 2015

Meet Miss February #PrettyBald #Calendar #Nude

It's February (duh) and we really cannot let it pass by without a little look at our gorgeous and photogenic  Miss February...

Miss February is Yorkshire Lass (Lady), Amy, Communications Manager for Alopecia UK. She is bubbly, outgoing and truly gorgeous, with obsessions for Unicorns, Rainbows and Will Ferrell! She is 31 years old and has Alopecia Areata, giving her what she calls her 'patchy' look.

Amy was 'happy' to take part in the calendar to help raise awareness (although she needed plenty of gin) and says her aspiration for the charity is that those suffering with alopecia find the charity far sooner than she did so that they don't have to struggle as long as she did!

You can read Amy's full story here...

I'd like to say a personal thanks to Amy for supporting this calendar idea so much and more importantly fuelling us all with retro sweets!

Victoria x Twitter: @PrettyBald

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