Friday, 6 February 2015


When i lost my hair i was told that would be it. Shortly after i lost my eyebrows and again told that would be it. Then my eyelashes fell out. At this point i didn't bother wondering if that was it or not.

I was devastated when i lost my hair. And my eyebrows for that matter. I had to learn how to draw them on and after never using an eyebrow pencil and having nothing to work with it was tough but i got there and after two years got them tattooed on.

But losing my eyelashes crushed me. I had really long eyelashes that, with mascara on, could really stand out. They defined me.
I had never worn false ones and didn't know where to begin.
At the beginning of my alopecia i was really really conscious of keeping the same as always and this meant having eyelashes. I would wear false ones every day lining my eyes so you couldn't tell. Only problem is that most falsies are for nights out or are really dramatic and long. Day to day wear they looked a little too much on me.
After a while i calmed down and just lined my eyes and that was that. I would wear falsies now and again but i took time to find natural looking ones (illamasqua and benefit are great and kiss lashes are great if you're on a budget) and settled with that.

Then just after Christmas last year i noticed one or two little ones and thought nothing of it. I now and again get little tiny bits of regrowth that usually fall out. Over the next few weeks they began getting fuller and longer and now i have full eyelashes on both eyes that are a pretty good length.

So there is hope! I know i may never get my hair back but even the little things are a huge blessing.

Jenny x

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