Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Happy Anniversary #hairloss

This won't be a long blog post, but it is a personal one! Running Pretty Bald and this blog has put me in quite a reflective mood and whilst thinking about my hairloss journey, I realised it's my Alopecia Anniversary! Four years ago today, I found my very first bald patch, running my fingers through my hair at work!

I absolutely cannot believe it is four years since my journey started and whilst in one way four years feels like forever, in another, I am amazed at just how far I have come in what feels like a short time!

I'm not going to labour the point, but want to say to anyone having an Alopecia Anniversary or even another hairloss anniversary this month, use it as a time to reflect how far you have come and also what you still have left to acheive! You'll most likely be amazed if you look back on the last year!


Victoria x

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