Tuesday, 16 June 2015

All about hairloss... My latest plan...

So you might have seen that a while ago, I set myself the #100HairFreeDays challenge, highlighting all the ways I have benefited from my hairloss! It was a definite challenge and I nearly didn't make it, but I also got a lot of chance to reflect on my own experiences!

Looking back, one thing that I really wanted, but couldn't find, was a definitive guide to hairloss - what to expect during hairloss so to speak! Sure, there were lots of guides, opinion pieces, individual articles etc., but nothing that collected it all together and joined it all up!

This got me thinking - how can I produce something that covers it all in such a short space; then it came to me! From tomorrow, I will be sharing a couple of posts a week (most likely Wednesday's and Sunday's) entitled 'The A-Z of hairloss' and guiding you through everything and anything you might expect! Any input will be gratefully received from you, via Facebook, Twitter or email, as we are sure to miss one or two things and want to make it as comprehensive as possible!

I'm really excited about this as a project and will share the first one 'A', tomorrow! Keep reading...

Victoria x

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