Thursday, 11 June 2015

Be careful what you wish for...

If there is one thing that Home Alone taught me, it is 'be careful what you wish for' - whilst your wish may be something that's top of your list, the ramifications and side-effects of your wish may not be.

Yesterday, I posted about my battle with forcibly removing hair, when my body struggles so much to grow it; today, my 'wish' has come true and once again, I've had no choice in the method or area of hair removal. This morning I got up and glared blearily into the mirror, hoping to apply at least a semi-straight line of eyeliner to my lids. As I did, I noted that the individual eyebrow hairs that I was having such a love-hate relationship with had thinned; a few less than yesterday and then by the end of today completely gone.

To be fair, I am not too upset at the loss of these dozen hairs - I was debating their removal anyway - but it does clarify the thought that we should be grateful for what we have. While I was wasting time and brain-energy debating whether I should feel guilty about tweezing hairs, my body had other ideas anyway! How philosophical!

What it has prompted is introspection about how I would feel if the pattern was reversed and it was growing, not shedding at this speed, but I still maintain, I wouldn't want that at the moment!

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